Ines Agostinelli, Thomas Gaenszler, Vasilena Gankovska, Nilbar Güres, Miriam Laussegger, Ina Loitzl, Nastar Mamai, Krasimira Velikova

Friday, 10. October 2008 - 19:00
11. 10. 2008 - 22. 11. 2008

curated by: Prof. Georg Loewit

The exhibition ANSICH[T] deals with the city of Vienna, its traditions and developments, presenting Vienna as it is seen from the inside and outside, by artists living here, and also discussing the concept of “Viennese-ness”.

The great majority of young artists involved in the project have finished their arts studies in Vienna (Academy of Fine Arts or University of Applied Arts).

The exhibition project AN SICH[T] WIEN raises the question of identity so frequently posed in the world of art. Is there any such thing as a cultural identity, anything that could be identified as embodying the “Viennese-ness” as such? Is it still possible to maintain the idea of a “closed cultural area” in a world of global networks and a multi-cultural society?

Ines Agostinelli

1978 born in Bregenz (A), lives and works in Vorarlberg
1997—2000 studies photography and visual media Meisterklasse für Kommunikation­sdesign an der Graphischen, Wien
2001—2006 studies Medien- und Raumkunst bei Brigitte Kowanz, university of applied arts, Vienna
2006 Diploma

Thomas Gaenszler

1982 born in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna
2000—2001 studies at the University of Vienna
seit 2001 University of applied arts, Vienna
seit 2003: Kunst und kommunikative Praxis/ Erwin Wurm, Barbara Putz- Plecko, Michael Kienzer and Werner Feiersinger
seit 2005: Bildhauerei/ Plastik und neue Medien/ Erwin Wurm

Vasilena Gankovska

1978 born in Troyan (BG), lives and works in Vienna
2006 diploma, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Prof. Schmalix, Prof. Dressler)
2000 Nationale Kunstakademie Sofia, Diplomabschluss (Master of Arts)
2000 Internationale Sommerakademie, Salzburg (Jacobo Borges)

A lot of exhibitions in Austria and abroad since 2002

Nilbar Güres

1977 geboren in Istanbul, lebt und arbeitet in Wien
1996—2000 Studium der Malerei an der Fakultät für Kunst, Universität Marmara,Istanbul
2002 Diplom (Malerei und Grafik), Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien
2009 Teilnahme an der Biennale in Istanbul

A lot of exhibitions in Austria and abroad since 2002

Miriam Laussegger

1980 born in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna
2009 „Gastkünstlerin“ an der Kunstakademie Stockholm (Kungl. Konsthögskolan)
2000—2006 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Heimo Zobernig
2006 Anerkennungspreis beim Willemer Frauen.Netzkun­st.Preis
2005 Sommersemester Auslandsstipendium in Barcelona/Spanien
since 2001 exhibitions in Austria and abroad since 2002

Nastar Mamai

1962 born in Kirgistan, lives and works in Vienna and Kirgisien
1984—1988 Kunstschule in Bishkek
1991—1993 Kunstakademie in Moskau
1998—2004 Meisterschule Graphik, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
2004 Diplom Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Prof. Gunter Damisch, Ass. Michael Hedwig
seit 2007 Doktoratsstudium bei Prof. Mag. Elisabeth von Samsonow

A lot of exhibitions in Austria and abroad since 2002


1982 born in Russe, Bulgarien, lives and works in Vienna
2002—2005 diploma Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, bei Univ. Prof. Peter Kogler, Computer- und Medienkunst
1999—2002 Studium der visuellen Kunst, sowie Animationsregie an der "Neuen Bulgarische Universität“ in Sofia
2006 St. Gilgen International School Media Award 2006, Diesel New Art/ DNA

Biographien und Werke von folgenden Künstler/Innen unter Künstler