Im Hotel

H.H. Capor / Elfriede Mejchar

30. 6. 2015 - 31. 7. 2015

Breakfast on the 27.06.15 at 12h Exhibition open from 30.06.15 to 31.07.15

with works by: . H.H. Capor . Elfriede Mejchar

H.H.CAPOR From the cycle „Vom Reisen…“

I fly to a foreign city I've never been to before, drive to the hotel and don't leave it. I then hand over an Agfa Clack Camera to my assistants who wander through the metropolises for me, exposing the roll film's eight pictures. Like many tourists, I only get to see their results afterwards. The images that are brought to me from the outside are mounted on top of each other; impressions blur, become unreal, show their fleetingness to the observer just like after viewing thousands of digital holiday snaps on the screen. Meanwhile, I can comfortably sit in my hotel room, enjoy the view, shmoke a cigar, mix a drink, read, watch films and take self-portraits.