C. Ciervo, M. Tirelli, M. Miljanovic, E. Benczúr, S. Cseke, I. Simon

Wednesday, 10. September 2014 - 19:00
11. 9. 2014 - 15. 11. 2014

HOLLOW LAND - KEEP OUT shows works which deal directly or indirectly with various aspects of one of the biggest issues of our time - migration. Whether about causes or consequences or about fulfilled or unfulfilled expectations, each of these pieces has been conceived of and carried out with discernment and caution.

Compared to usual practice, a different approach to the topic has been pointed out here – and one that sounds out the possibilities of a collective change in attitude. This is exemplified in these works carried out in various techniques by six international artists from several European countries (Emese Benczúr and Szilard Cseke from Hungary;  Costantino Ciervo and Marco Tirelli from Italy; Mladen Miljanović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ingrid Simon from Austria). Some of them are familiar with the migrant’s situation since they have been living and working for a long time in a different country: Costantino Ciervo in Germany, and Ingrid Simon in Italy. To gain a place in the Western art scene, Mladen Miljanović from Bosnia Herzegovina and Emese Benczúr and Szilard Cseke from Hungary went through experiences which were very similar to those of an immigrant. 

Elio Krivdić