Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit ...


Friday, 7. May 2010 - 19:00
7. 5. 2010 - 18. 6. 2010

an exhibitionproject in cooperation with the month of grafic in vienna 

**Darina Peeva (BUL), Johanna Klement (A) ,Astrid Kitzler (A) , Ina 
 Loitzl (A), Marika Vicari (I) u. Erik Šille (SK)**

During the age of industrialization, it became clear that speed formed the basis of progress, of fast, unlimited growth and constant change for the better. For 200 years, the restless has taken precedence over the leisurely. But those who revere growth and progress, reduce quality of life. Behind the wish to escape the rule of the clock is hidden nothing else but the search for the fulfilled moment – the happiness of the present.

Graphic works from six international artists who give expression to the search for the fulfilled moment will be exhibited at Kro Art Gallery. The employed working techniques cover the spectrum from drawing to the most diverse printing methods and include genre-bending works which unite graphics and objects.  Whereas some artists, such as Marika Vicari, perfect their technique and go ever deeper, others, such as Ina Loitzl, work consciously in a cross-media way and thus open up new approaches to the medium of graphics.

Astrid Kitzler (1983, A) Fine Art / Graphics at the of Applied Art, Vienna, Prof. Schenk. 2008 Emanuel und Sophie Fohn – Stipendium. exhibitions in Austria, Japan, Bulgaria. 

Johanna Klement (1979, A) architecture at the Technical University, Vienna, Graphics at the of Applied Art, Vienna, Prof. Schenk. Exhibitions in Austria and Spain.

Ina Loitzl  (1992 A) Graphic at the HS Mozarteum, Salzburg and Visual media at the University Applied Art, Vienna Peter Weibl, a lot of international and national exhibitions
Darina Peeva (1972, BUL) Graphic at the Veliko-Tarnovo-University, Bulgaria and atr the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. A lot of international exhibitions. 

Marika Vicari (1979, I) landscape painting at the Accademia di Belli Arti, Venezia. Since 2004 international and national exhibitions.

Erik Šille (1978, SK) painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava Prof. Csudai. A lot of exhibition in Slovakia, the Czech Republice and Hungary.