den blick öffnen - open your mind

29. 1. 2011 - 4. 3. 2011

den blick öffnen / open your mind 
an art project to sensitize perception    
A series of exhibitions for the prevention of violence against children and young people. 

After an idea by 
Tanja Prušnik and Ina Loitzl  
Violence has many faces. Apart from open, perpetrated violence, there are many more subtle and in particular hardly visible forms of violence. The media reports only the few shocking cases; most acts of violence remain hidden because very often perpetrator and victim live under the same roof. Especially in families – the sensitive nucleus of human cohabitation – violent attacks are more common than we think. Apart from the use of physical force there are many other forms of psychological coercion, blackmail and hurt.

Reduced ability to communicate, withdrawal and anxiety about new situations lead the person to regard the situation as hopeless.
Fear that the environment does not give them any credibility, that they are being talked about badly, that they are being stigmatised, inhibits many victims from looking outside for support.

The “den blick öffnen” (open your mind) project has resulted from this need.
The main objective is to contribute to preventing violence.
By means of these exhibitions, we want to reach out to young people, school pupils, students, parents, educationalists and the general public in order to lobby in a positive way against violence against children and young people through art.

Our great thanks goes to numerous well-known artists for supporting the exhibitions, to sponsors, public bodies and supporters for their donations in kind and money, purchases and energetic help.

Participating artists in the exhibition of Kro Art Contemporary:
Ina Loitzl, Elisabeth Wedenig, Anna Rubin, Barbara Bernsteiner, Judith Lava, Tita Ruben, Renate  Bertlmann, Tanja Prušnik, José Pozo, Darina Peeva, Eva Petrič, Johanna Klement   

Kro Art Contemporary                    
1060 Vienna, Getreidemarkt 15