Das Prinzip Hoffnung

G. Costa, J. Forbici, C. Zakrzewski, R. Svoboda

20. 5. 2014 - 1. 8. 2014

from 02.08.2014 we will have a summer break! Wednesday  the 10th of September we start with the opening othe  new exhibition Hollow Land .  We’ re looking forward to your visit!


Giacomo Costa
Jernej Forbici
Cyryl Zakrzewski
Robert Svoboda

Opening speech: Peter Assmann

Interventions in the ecosystem by humans by virtue of the high population are having increasingly higher impacts.
It’s not a matter of using the available resources for nutrition and energy in the respective zones, but rather, exploitation is being carried out in the true sense of the word … and more than ever, and in increasingly large quantities, since we need more and more of everything for the increasing number of people. Not least, our demands as individuals have risen; we require more comforts and conveniences than ever before.

Species are dying out, glaciers melting, climate changing, weather extremes, exposure to radiation, polluted air, toxic and contaminated water, more and more areas are being cleared and growing desert areas, etc. etc.

The mechanisms of annihilation are frighteningly powerful: forests are being cleared to cultivate drab, mass-produced foodstuffs which are not unusually genetically modified, and produced and killed using high technology.

Plants and cattle are prophylactically produced in huge quantities and if not required by the industrial countries ….again en masse …. disposed of as waste… Directly alongside, countless people are dying of hunger and thirst because they don’t even have the most necessary things.
The poison and waste which accumulates in this form of cattle and plant production are being tipped back into the habitat carelessly and unfiltered.

Scarce water supplies, ecological balance, contamination of lebensraum and thus the food chain? Who's interested in any of that when it's all about profit?


But hope is a l w a y s t h e l a s t t o d i e