Tricky Women 2013

Saturday, 9. March 2013 - 15:00
9. 3. 2013 - 29. 3. 2013

Animate it!

Meet the artist - of Tricky Women Award 2013 : Sat 09.03.2013 13.30h
Oficial Opening of the exhibition "animate it " : 15:00 h

Co-production with Tricky Women 2013

In Cooperation with Tricky women Festival for animation films 2013 Kro Art contemporary
show works of students of the Department for Fine Art and Animationfilm of the University for Applied Arts Vienna. .
Professor Judith Eisler, head of the Department of Painting and Animated Film since 2009, puts a focus on experimentation within the practice of painting. The works created at the Studio of Experimental Animation, headed by Nikolaus Jantsch, expand the medium of painting in innovative ways through the inclusion of movement and sound.

Workshops allow students to search for individual concepts, narrative and non-narrative methods, structures, rhythms and compositions, in short: for new ways of expression in film. Any genre can serve as a starting point: painting, drawing, collage, photo, live-action film, and all kinds of experimental practice.

The exhibition presents stills, objects, installations, animated figures, storyboards, and animated films.

with works of :

Xenia Lesniewski
Anna Vidyaykina
Maria Chalela-Puccini
Birgit Scholin
Badri Skhirtladze

und im Untergeschoß folgende:

Marissa Wedenig
Johanna Binder
David Gruber
Sarah Sternat
Lukas Uvacek
Birgit Glocker