Before and beyond the image

Martine Frossard (CAN), Libby Hague (CAN), Ina Loitzl (A), Madi Piller (CAN)

8. 3. 2016 - 1. 4. 2016

his year „Tricky woman goes gallery“ exhibition in the Kro Art Gallery shows four works of Animationartists from Canada and Austria with researching and self-examining background. Dealing with the difference between self-perception and public image, traditional points of view, myths, temptations, innocence, vulnerability, violence, flagrancy … With works of Libby Hague (Can) , Martine Frossard (Can) , Madi Piller (Can) , Ina Loitzl (A)

Opening: SA 05.03.2016 at 2 p.m.

Exhibition from 08. March to 01. April 2016

MARTINE FROSSARD (CAN) Born in Strasbourg in France, Martine Frossard is based in Montreal since 2005. She is involved in the Montreal's cultural and arts community and works as communications coordinator at Studio XX. Her work has been presented in numerous collective exhibitions and festivals across Canada, Europe and the United States.

LIBBY HAGUE (CAN) Born in St. Thomas, Ontario, Hague received her B.F.A. from Sir George Williams University (now Concordia University) in 1971. She is known for her large scale installations composed primarily of paper and prints. She is a member of the cooperative Loop Gallery, and is also affiliated with Open Studio, where she served as Vice President from 1988–1990. From 1988–2002 she taught print-making at Sheridan College. She is represented in many public collections and galleries across Canada, including the Donovan Collection at the University of Toronto. Hague's work deals with themes of disaster, precariousness, and hope. Her complex works often have playful qualities, and she has described her process as experimental and fluid.

INA LOITZL (A) Ina Loitzl was born in 1972 in Klagenfurt. After her Graphic and Visual Media studies at the HS Mozarteum (Salzburg), she attended the Visual Media Class at the HS for Applied Art (Vienna – Prof. Peter Weibel). Ina Loitzl lives and works in Vienna.

MADI PILLER (CAN) Madi Piller is a filmmaker, animator, programmer and independent curator currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. Her abstract, non-representational images are drawn from film explorations in Super 8, 16mm and 35mm, as well as photography and video. The resulting imagery is strongly influenced by diverse animation techniques and styles.